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Fast & Realiable houston Texas TOWING SERVICES and RoadSide Assistance

Roadside Assistance Houston

If you find yourself in need of roadside assistance in Houston, TX, look no further than STUCK. As the premier roadside assistance company in Houston, STUCK has you covered whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, or lock yourself out of your vehicle.

With experienced technicians available 24/7, STUCK provides fast and reliable roadside assistance services across the Greater Houston area. No matter where you break down in Houston, one phone call to STUCK will dispatch a truck stocked with all the necessary tools and equipment to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

STUCK offers a wide range of roadside assistance services including:

  • Flat Tire Changes – Whether you have a flat from a puncture, blowout, or other damage, our techs will safely change your flat tire with your spare or install your temporary spare. We carry equipment needed for all tire and wheel types.
  • Battery Jump Starts – From a weak battery to a dead one, we can quickly jump start your battery to get your engine turned over and back up and running.
  • Lockout Service – Locked your keys in your car? We’ll work to gain entry into your vehicle whether through lockout tools, wedge airbags, or other methods needed for your make and model of vehicle.
  • Fuel Delivery – Ran out of gas in an unfortunate spot? We’ll deliver several gallons of fuel directly to you to help you get to the nearest gas station.
  • Winch-Outs – Accidentally end up off-roading? We can carefully winch your vehicle out of ditches, mud, and other unforeseen places you may find yourself stuck.
  • Towing – In the event your vehicle can’t be quickly repaired at roadside, we offer towing services to the service shop of your choice.

What truly sets STUCK apart from other roadside assistance companies in Houston is our commitment to your safety and satisfaction. All of our experienced technicians undergo extensive background checks and training. This gives us the expertise needed to properly service any make and model of vehicle while ensuring your safety and that of your vehicle.

We strive to provide the fastest response times in Houston. On average, our technicians arrive within 30-45 minutes of your call for help. This means you spend less time stranded by the side of the road exposed to dangerous traffic and roadside hazards.

Once onsite, our techs work promptly to diagnose your vehicle issue and get you up and running. However, if extensive repairs are required, we make sure your vehicle is transported securely. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and rigorously maintained to ensure safe and proper service.

At STUCK, we understand the anxiety and inconvenience of experiencing car trouble. That’s why our technicians treat you and your vehicle with the utmost care and professionalism. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’ll not only get you back on the road quickly but provide reliable and high-quality workmanship.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable when car trouble strikes in Houston. For the fastest, most reliable roadside assistance services, call the experts at STUCK. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance serving drivers across the Greater Houston area. One call to STUCK provides the solutions you need to get out of any roadside predicament. For professional, quality roadside assistance every time, choose STUCK. Call us anytime for superior roadside assistance Houston drivers can count on!


Looking for reliable and affordable towing services in Houston? We understand how worrying it can be to get stuck on the road and be taken advantage of. That’s why we offer quick and affordable towing services in Houston, nationwide. At STUCK solutions, we put our customers first and provide top-notch customer care. All you need to do is visit our website and provide your basic location information. In no time, a licensed tow truck driver will contact you to schedule a tow and give you an estimated time, ensuring you feel confident that help is on the way. Don’t stay stranded and vulnerable on the roadside. Contact STUCK solutions for fast and reliable towing services today!


Ideal for families, students, working workers, and everyone who values their safety and time, STUCK Solutions is working to change the roadside assistance industry.

Stuck Solution IS…



Our vast tow services network ensures that you’ll receive instant roadside assistance throughout Houston, any time of the day.



The innovative up-front pricing concept gives you with fair, accurate, and up-to-date information regarding potential fees related to towing services.



In many parts of the country, our services are double as faster than traditional car clubs.



An up-front pricing structure permints you to know the most possible charge before you request services. No taxes, no tips, no haggling: when you need help, you just need to focus on getting the help you need.



STUCK Solutions has a network of over 45,000 tow service providers across the nation, so you're always covered.


STUCK Solutions is dedicated to delivering dependable support to motorists who require it, with no membership fees. Our service offerings start at an affordable price of only $49 and are tailored to meet your individual requirements. When it comes to Houston towing, we adhere to our “guaranteed not to exceed” quotation policy. With STUCK Solutions at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing that you can receive the necessary assistance at any time, thus ensuring the well-being of your family while on the road. With our trustworthy support, you can be assured that you will never be left stranded in unexpected circumstances.

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