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STUCK: Your Reliable Roadside Assistance

Why Choose STUCK?

Locking your keys in your vehicle can be a stressful, scary situation, especially if you’re late for an important event. STUCK can help you without the long hold times and hours on end of frustrating waiting time. Unlike some companies that prioritize assistance based on location, STUCK prioritizes based on what customer is truly next. We won’t skip your call because a new call came in closer to another one. STUCK is an honest company that treats customers with the respect they deserve.

Our Services

We can help you get back in your vehicle in a flash. Vehicle lockouts are a common occurrence, and our professional technicians are trained masters in unlocking all types of vehicles from the smallest of cars to the largest fleet vehicles on the road.

Dealing with Automobile Lockouts

Automobile lockouts never happen at convenient times. Whether it be closing the locked door at a gas station, forgetting your purse with the keys inside the car, or even if your own dog hits the lock button while you’re buying groceries, we can help. We have the professional tools to safely get you access inside your vehicle in any unfortunate lock-out scenario.

Trust STUCK’s Trained Professionals

Be selective with who you hire to complete your lock-out service. The newer the vehicle, the more complicated the procedure may be to gain entry. Trust STUCK’s trained professionals to safely get you back in your car and back on the road quickly. Our drivers are trained on the latest vehicle models, as well as the vintage beauties from years ago. If you have a lockout need, STUCK can help! The newer your vehicle, the more complicated the lock out process may be. Modern security systems are easily triggered and can shut down your car’s electronic systems, which can result in a costly flat bed towing situation. No one wants to deal with that! Trust the experts at STUCK.


STUCK is a nationwide roadside assistance company with decades of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, professionalism, and fast response times, usually reaching you within 30 minutes or less! Most customers also don’t commonly know that insurance companies will usually reimburse you for the service you paid for, if your policy includes roadside assistance. Calling your insurance company