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Roadside Assistance in Bartlett, Illinois

Why You May Need Roadside Assistance in Bartlett

Bartlett is a village located in Cook and DuPage counties in Illinois, about 30 miles from downtown Chicago. With over 40,000 residents, Bartlett sees plenty of vehicle traffic on its roads every day. Even the most diligent driver may eventually find themselves in need of roadside assistance while in Bartlett or its surrounding areas. Here are some common situations where roadside assistance may be needed:

Vehicle Won’t Start

The most obvious scenario is when your vehicle won’t start at all. This could be due to a dead battery, failed alternator, or other electrical issues that prevent the engine from turning over. Roadside service technicians have the equipment and knowledge to troubleshoot no-start issues and get your vehicle started again.

Flat Tire

A flat tire can happen anytime and can strand you on the side of the road. Changing a flat yourself can be difficult, especially if the vehicle lacks a spare tire or the necessary jack and tools. Roadside assistance can change the flat for you using the proper equipment.

Locked Out of Vehicle

It’s not uncommon to accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle. Professional lockout service can often unlock the vehicle quickly without any damage to the door or locks. This is faster and cheaper than calling a locksmith.

Out of Gas

Running your tank down to empty can leave you stranded without the means to refuel. Roadside service can deliver a small amount of gas to your location so you can drive to the nearest gas station to completely fill up.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Having a roadside assistance membership or coverage plan provides numerous benefits if your vehicle breaks down in the Bartlett area:


The top benefit is the convenience of having help rapidly dispatched to your exact disabled location. You don’t need to try to find and call various local towing companies on your own.

Cost Savings

Joining a roadside service club or program through your insurance company is very affordable and will likely save you money over paying out-of-pocket costs for a tow truck or other services. Fees are often less than $100 per year.

Reduced Stress

Needing car repairs or a tow when you’re stranded on the roadside can be a very stressful situation. Having pre-planned roadside assistance reduces stress because help is just a quick phone call away.

Faster Response

Dedicated roadside providers can dispatch assistance trucks rapidly to your location. This is much faster than trying to arrange a regular towing service when you’re already stranded.

Any Vehicle Covered

Roadside plans often provide coverage for any vehicle you own, lease, or rent. So you’ll have coverage when driving your own or a friend’s car.

Roadside Assistance Options in Bartlett

There are several ways Bartlett area drivers can obtain roadside assistance coverage:

Auto Club Memberships

Clubs like AAA and Allstate Motor Club offer different membership levels that include access to their network of contractors for roadside assistance calls. Higher levels provide more robust towing and other benefits.

Insurance Providers

Most major insurance companies like State Farm, Geico, and Liberty Mutual offer add-on plans for roadside assistance that integrate seamlessly if you already have a policy with them.

Vehicle Manufacturers

New vehicle warranties often come with some level of roadside assistance for the first 3 to 5 years of ownership. This coverage is for that specific vehicle purchased or leased.

Mobile Apps

Apps like Roadside Call offer on-demand roadside help from local towing companies. You only pay per service call as needed instead of a recurring membership. The convenience factor is high but costs per call are also higher.

Local Towing Companies

There are likely dozens of local towing and roadside assistance companies available to call during a breakdown in the Bartlett area. Without a membership, you’d have to try contacting and arranging help when already stranded which is difficult and potentially costly.

What to Look For in a Bartlett Roadside Assistance Provider

If you don’t already have roadside assistance coverage, keep these key factors in mind when choosing a provider:

Available Nationwide

Look for providers that offer coverage across all 50 states. This gives you better peace of mind when driving outside of the Bartlett and Chicago metro area.

Range of Services

Make sure the provider offers more than just basic towing. Look for those that also provide battery jump starts, lockout service, fuel delivery, flat tire changes, and winch-outs after accidents.


If you need to use a non-network local provider, you want the ability to submit documentation and get fully reimbursed for those out-of-pocket costs. Not all companies offer reimbursements.

Customer Service

Check reviews and complaints online to judge the provider’s overall customer service. You want a company that’s easy to get in touch with if stranded, is responsive, and sends help promptly after dispatching.

Local Network Contractors

For the fastest response time, look for providers with established networks of contractors within Bartlett and the surrounding towns and suburbs.

Call For Bartlett Roadside Assistance With Confidence

Being stranded on the side of the road is never a pleasant experience. With the right roadside assistance coverage from a reputable provider, you can call for help with full confidence that a solution is on the way. Take the time to review your options and find a provider that offers robust coverage at reasonable rates.

Reach Out For More Information

For specific information on obtaining roadside assistance in the Bartlett area, please reach out to us directly. We’re happy to provide a free consultation and personalized quote based on your vehicle profile and coverage needs. Don’t get stuck without help on the roadside – give us a call today!


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